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1. Sales Calling Education 

  1. Prospect Identification - The process begins with the identification of who are potential and existing clients where the relationship needs to be expanded.
  2. Sales Call Preparation-Planning is critical to the success of developing a relationship. Planning time lines are introduced and potential sources for client/prospect business information are reviewed.
  3. Sales Call Conversation Flow – The bankers are instructed on how to have a relationship building conversation where a minimum number of questions are asked to gain the most information. A special focus is placed on role plays where the participants are taught how to incorporate their planned questions into a conversation flow where the business owner feels comfortable in discussing their personal situation with the banker.

2. Sales and Service Measurement

  1. Sales Goals – The budget is reviewed and sales goals are developed at a 120% level for each branch. Recommended reports are developed that provide a weekly progress update. The focus of the report is to address the questions, how much, by when, by whom, and how to create ownership at the branch.
  2. Sales Activity Goals – Sales activities are the actions that are taken by Branch Manager that will lead to the sale of a product or service. The presumption is that if a Branch Manager is diligent in quality sales activities, then small business products and services will grow.
  3. Weekly Coaching Goals – Instruction and recommendations are given to the consumer banking leadership team as to the types of coaching activities that need to take place and the frequency in which they need to occur.

3. Sales and Service Measurement -

A key component of any small business banking function is the reward and recognition element for successfully exceeding expectation

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