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Practice Does Make Perfect

This time of year, there are always many sports analogies used, and I certainly do not want to let anybody down, so here I go. Lou Holtz, who at the time was the Head Coach at the University of Notre Dame the year they were national champions said,” We play every Saturday how we practiced Monday through Friday.” In banking, your Saturday is every time a client comes into your office and needs your help or advice. This is when your associates have to put all of their training and all of their skills to use. As I have shared with all of my clients, delivering that WOW experience to your clients is hard work. It becomes even harder if you don’t practice your sales skills on a daily basis. Just as Coach Holtz would have his teams practice the same plays over and over, your branch teams must also continue to practice their sales and service skills over and over. This is why it is critical that your branches have, at minimum, weekly sales meetings where the branch teams can role play and practice their sales and service skills. This is your Monday through Friday where your associates have the opportunity as a team to prepare themselves for their next “Saturday.”

Your play book for your client’s success should be very concise: UNDERSTANDING YOUR CLIENTS PROBLEMS AND PRESENTING SOLUTIONS TO SOLVE THESE PROBLEMS. No matter how well a play is designed, if you don’t practice it then you will not be as successful as you should. At Jung & Associates, our goal is to help our bank clients learn the necessary skills to deliver that WOW experience. If your bank is struggling on delivering this experience to your clients then I invite you to give us a call today.

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