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What Drives a Client to Buy?

There is an old saying, People don't buy because they are made to understand. They buy because they believe they are understood”. This is so true. Our client's want us to understand their personal financial situation so that we can give them the right answers to their questions and make them feel good about their decision to open an account with our bank.

When conducting sales education classes, we need to spend a great deal of time focusing on how to determine and understand the client's “NEEDS” This is OUR opportunity to learn about the client and to become familiar with why they really came into the bank. Did they come in because they are dissatisfied with their existing bank? Did they just move to the area? Have they recently come into some extra money and they need advice? Understanding the client's needs is much more that figuring out which types of checks they need to order. It is finding out what is driving their decision to get a new account. All of these situations create opportunities but only if we really understand our customer.

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